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Fixing Poor Web Design: The Quick How-To

What would you hate most about sites? Then there’s a great deal to despise in the event that you browse sites just as much as we do. Since there are really so many really designed, user non-favorable sites online now, we’ve put together this brief but comprehensive listing of things to hate about website design. We have also supplied a remedy for all the issues as well as compiling this list.

When developing a web design, there really are several things that the web designer must consider if their aim will be to create a higher quality, user-friendly web site.

Flash-al Exploitation

When used excessively or in locations that are unsuitable, Flash is horrible for the site – awful for Seo and maybe more to the point, horrible on your visitors. On the other hand, these executions of Flash ought to be excluded out of your website:


The most misused and abused approach to utilizing Flash, Flash navigation is exceptionally poor or normally poor. Why can it be bad you ask? Well, there really are quite a few motives:

User non-friendly: The reason for web site navigation will be to provide for the visitors a means of, well, browsing during your internet site. In the event you did not already know, folks hate waiting. There’s not anything worse that needing to wait even just a couple of seconds after rolling it over to be able to activate a specific navigational piece.

How about those who do not have Flash?: Nowadays not everybody is using Flash. It still happens in spite of the fact that it is almost always uncommon that someone does not have Flash activated on their computer. These Flash- users that are handicapped will not have any means of finding their way all around your web site. And since among the essential elements to your favorable web site is navigation, not having navigation to people that have Flash disabled will make your web site appear rather awful (and moreover, non-interactional and worthless).

Then you understand the need for getting text on your own internet site in the event that you are knowledgeable about SEO. Text is the thing that makes indexing your web site in the search engines potential. What this essentially means is that when the internet search engine spiders come across your Flash navigation file and crawl during your web site, they crawl on the most effective of it. For those who have key words in your Flash navigation which might be related to the information of your web site, then they even seen by the search engine spiders or will not be indexed.

Yes, using anything in your internet site will increase the load time; yet, some things (like Flash navigation) are avoidable. To find out more about Wholesale Web Design & White Label Web Design services offered, please visit the official website of WebDesign499.

CSS solves these problems all when using Flash navigation you will encounter. There numerous CSS navigational menu resources that are free accessible online.

Flash Intros

In case the information of your site is useful and participating, then there exists no actual reason to truly have a Flash intro. Adding to the truth that most folks are impatient when browsing the net, a lot of these don’t have patience or enough time to look at a Flash intro that is drawn-out.

Eventually, be cautious using the inclusion of audio in your Flash intro.

Better still, as an alternative to making the Flash intro something which is mechanically shown to any or all visitors, put a descriptive link someplace in of your web site that, when clicked, allows an individual to look at your promotional cartoon (generally what Flash intros are).

Info Overload

Having too little informative data on pages of your site can make them look naked and dreary; however, having an excessive amount of information can overwhelm the user (which is not something you especially need to do). Advertising, pictures, text, more advertising, navigation, secondary navigation, content, more advertising… they all begin to add up.

Advertising: Many sites supply a service at no cost with their visitors. It’s really because of ads that many of these services are accessible at no cost. Do not abuse their use when using ads. Google AdSense enables a maximum of 3 advertisements per web page to get a reason – way too many advertisements are able to make your web site look like junk very quickly. Positioning of ads can also be significant. Do not attempt to fool your visitors by putting your advertising in places where they look like real content on your web site. Folks hate to be deceived. Whenever they would like to see with your marketing patron, then they’re going to click the advertisement.

Content: This primary part needs to function as the focal point for every website. Having plenty of information regarding the issue for every single web page is certainly good. Be sure to not contain too many subjects that are different on a single web page. Instead, divide up the issues and allow to have a unique page.

Pictures: Use pictures only when needed and fairly in your content area. Ensure your pictures are correctly compressed so the download time for the web pages aren’t endangered on account of big pictures.

Footer: Do not things an excessive amount of info in the footer – info that is particularly significant. Not absolutely all users scroll to the base of web pages to find out the footer – some stop by the end of the information. Then start the footer shortly following this content region ends, when you yourself have significant information that have to be put in of the footer. Setting the key links on your web site in the footer is a practice popular by designers.

You need to try and restrict your web pages to the following, although there isn’t any rule concerning simply how much info per web page is sufficient:

Header/symbol: Anything taller than 300 pixels and also you take the chance of inducing an individual to possess to scroll down only to view content and the navigation of your internet site. Yes, we need the consumer to go through content and the navigation of your web site; yet, less scrolling makes for a simpler and much more pleasurable visit for an individual.

Navigation: All sites will need to possess a useful navigational system in order for users in order to locate their way round the web site. Using horizontal or perpendicular menus certainly are an issue of personal of private inclination. Attempt to not have significantly greater than one although one menu is important. An individual cans very quickly mistake.

There could possibly be additional things that the web site needs with regards to the business and also this issue; yet, these 6 components should be contained by all sites. Before creating a web site creating a layout and navigation strategy is important in ensuring your site does not suffer from information overload.

Picture Text: A Major No No

In of an image, text doesn’t go just like an automobile interior of an airplane hanger. The sole exception to this will use text inside of a symbol. Yes, it may be tedious using precisely the same text that their respective websites are used for by everyone. Nevertheless, you can nevertheless make layouts that are powerful and rich without putting elaborate text within your pictures.

Do not use too many colours when selecting your color scheme. Just how many colours should one use? Thatis a hard question to answer. Although there isn’t any set amount, if possible, it’s usually better to work around three colours:

Primary color: The primary colour that inhabits nearly all the webpage. The general tone is set by the primary color.

Secondary color: The next colour with a goal of strengthening the primary color and backing up. The secondary color is generally a shade that’s like the color that is primary.

Highlight colour: This really is a colour which is used to highlight particular sections of the webpage. It is almost always a colour which varies more using the secondary and primary colors, and therefore, it needs to be utilized with moderation. In the event you are using colour schemer applications such as those mentioned previously, it’s normal to make use of a complimentary or split- colour that is complimentary because of this.

There are lots of resources accessible on the net that describe color schemes in greater detail. But in the event that you follow the fundamental tricks which we’ve mentioned and utilize some of the colour schemer options mentioned above, you then need to not have a difficulty creating a wonderful color scheme for your web site.

More happy Visitors

When followed: all 5 of these things have one thing in common, the consumer is going to have a simple, quick loading, straight forwards encounter when they see your internet site. Well, perhaps less promotion.

There really are several reasons why using text interior of pictures is a nono:

Bigger picture file sizes:

Not only is this system an easy task to execute, but nevertheless, it is going to help in keeping the picture file size smaller. Additionally, it is Search Engine Optimization favorable.

Not Search Engine Optimization favorable: The same as Flash files, internet search engine spiders cannot find the textual info interior of image files.

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